IZE (ERC 20) Token Bundle


The token bundle includes 2,313,744 IZE tokens (the amount is updated daily). IZE is a digital token used by Galvan.Health as part of their rewards program.

Please note that multiple bundles can be purchased in a single transaction.

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IZE (ERC 20) Token Bundle

IZE is a digital currency used by Galvan.Health as part of their rewards program. This form of reward can be earned by users through various activities or behaviors encouraged by Galvan.Health, such as completing health-related tasks or achieving fitness goals. Users can then spend IZE on health-related products, services, or possibly even to access premium content and features within the Galvan.Health ecosystem.

Bundle Details

Purchase a bundle of IZE tokens worth at least $500,. The final amount of tokens you receive is adjusted daily and determined by their market value listed on CoinMarketCap. Please note that transaction fees and gas prices are included in the purchase price, which may vary based on current market volatility, ensuring we can maintain consistent service levels.